Hastings College of the Law  J.D.
San Francisco, CA 
Editor-in-Chief, Constitutional Law Quarterly

University of Utah  M.A./B.A.
Salt Lake City, UT 
Editor-in-Chief, Daily Utah Chronicle

Since 2003 I have practiced solo, doing appeals, real estate,  fraud, and other civil litigation.  Some highlights:

  • Won reversal on appeal, with published opinion, establishing precedent for application of Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act statute of repose to bar attack on fraudulent deed of trust: PGA West Residential Assn., Inc. v. Hulven International, Inc. (2017) 14 Cal. App. 5th 156
  • Won reversal on appeal, with published opinion, establishing precedent requiring HOAs to accept partial payments for delinquent assessments: Huntington Continental Townhouse Assn., Inc. v. Miner (2014) 230 Cal.App.4th 590
  • Won reversal on appeal of $450,000 order for prevailing party attorney’s fees in long-running real estate dispute  
  • Defeated appeal of decision denying motion for almost $1 million in attorney's fees in dispute over the sale of property in San Francisco
  • Defeated appeal of successful anti-SLAPP motion
  • Prepared winning motion for summary judgment defeating fraud and unfair competition claims brought by huge multinational corporation
  • Won six figure settlement in fraud action by doctor against large medical corporation

Before 2003 I handled appeals and ligitation as a partner in an Oakland firm called Marion's Inn and did intensive personal injury work with a small Walnut Creek firm.  Some highlights:

  • Litigated contract, business tort, ERISA, and unfair competition matters on behalf of the Kaiser Permanente entities
  • Wrote successful motion for summary adjudication, in arbitration, that eliminated $15 million antitrust and unfair competition claims
  • Prosecuted contract and bad faith actions against major companies that succeeded because of law and motion and discovery work
  • Defeated defendant casino’s motion for transfer from San Francisco federal court to Nevada where client had been injured on a casino escalator


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Judicially Created Uncertainty: The Past, Present, and Future of the California Writ of Administrative Mandamus, University of California Davis Law Review Vol. 24, p. 783

Forum Shopping for Stale Claims: Statutes of Limitations and Conflict of Laws, Akron Law Review Vol. 23, p. 19